Today we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

We were sitting in the front yard having a picnic lunch when a profound yet simple thought came up upon me. It is not the showy things that tell of real happiness but the simple things enjoyed with love that are the real sum of a happy life. We could go out to a fancy restraunt for our 10th wedding aniversary and be stressed about getting dressed up and all the fuss that goes with going out or we could enjoy the beautiful sunshine and mountain views while enjoying home made cake, with children chatting away and running around on the lawn.

I remember wishing to be the perfect family. I often struggled thinking most other people have it more together than me, but God has been impressing on my heart what truly constitutes that picture-perfect family that I have longed to be–It is a family that is daily working on following God’s ways. That is something within reach of us all.

Today as I sat soaking up the sunshine and love of my happy family I thought about the little things. Going the extra mile to enjoy something, to stop and watch my 3 yr old chase a butterfly as it flew high above him and enjoy the beauty of the moment. It is not about living in a beautiful house or owning the nicest furniture. It is about having fellowship with the ones you love.

When we were getting married ten years ago I remember we used to say that married life was going to be a school, and it truly has been. We have had some very hard times, but as I look back, the darkest hours have been when God has carried us through. Struggling with one of our children’s health problems has been a pain so deep I would never wish it on anyone, but God has taught has many things and has been helping us find answers. I praise God for helping us find an understanding doctor who is helping us through the maze of information and who specialises in doing things the most natural way possible.

Going through pain helps us have empathy for those around us also going through pain–and that seems to be the greater portion of humanity. I am thankful the hard times we have been going through are not the end, but a path of learning–and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting ever brighter.

I am thankful for being married to the most amazing person. People always say the first year is the hardest. During the first year I used to wonder what everyone was talking about. Now I look back and just realize that we are ten times closer now than we were back then. We  have not always agreed on everything but we have never argued. It has been a very happy 10 years. In one way I am not sure where the time as gone in the other hand it feels like we have always been together. I am thankful for a husband who has always encouraged me in the  upward way.

I remember looking at our wedding video a couple years ago and thinking how we are two different people now then we were then. I am thankful for what our parents did for us, we left our homes and then developed our own identity. I would hope to think we took the best things from both of our families and merged into our own new family. As I often say to my sisters, God’s way always makes us better and better. I pray that if time were to last our children’s families would be another improvement. I want to pass on to them a godly heritage–one of following God’s priniciples, not in a follow-the-rules way but as a way of a happy, fullfilled life. A life that is full of contentment and real joy!

As I see young people around us thinking of marriage all I can wish for each young couple is that their marriage will be as happy and fulfilling as ours is!! 🙂

P.S. our sweet little girl did her first serious crawl today! A truly special gift!!

Ten Years of Blessings

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One thought on “Ten Years of Blessings

  1. *Smile* I loved reading this. The picture you have described is beautiful. And, I know it’s all true too. Over the years, I’ve looked on in wonder, to see such a truly happy couple. If time permits, I hope that my marriage will be as wonderful as yours has been and is.
    I love you both so much!

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