Today is our 10th anniversary. I have spent the last ten years with the absolute dearest girl on earth. Last night we talked about it and wouldn’t trade the last ten years for anything.

I read that marriage changes you and that is so true. It affects your usefulness either positively or negatively. I am happy to say that this has been a positive time.

We are so blessed! We have three sweet children and a quiet home in the country. We have the opportunity to bless others while taking time for our family and raising our children for the Lord.

The Lord is still teaching us in His school but we are thankful for His lessons and we look forward to a place in His kingdom  where we can continue the education begun here. This is the highest joy of all – to know that as we live by God’s principles here He prepares us for a place in His kingdom.

P.S. wrote this from my phone. She got the laptop to write hers. We sat side-by-side and edited together afterwards. 🙂

10 Years of Happiness

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2 thoughts on “10 Years of Happiness

  1. Congratulations and many, many, many happy years together with your beautiful family! Love, Danut, Vali, Dennis and Darius Muj

  2. I love your first paragraph, Nathan! I’m so thrilled that you’ve been married for these ten happy years. I’m so grateful to God too that, my darling sister got such a good husband, and that I have an awesome brother-in-law. God truly did make you for each other. 😀 Oh, and I’m grateful to you both for giving me the privilege to be a happy auntie to the cutest little boys and girl.

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