After many years of testing and therapy, we know that Seth needs certain supplements on a routine basis to support his unique nutritional needs.

As you can imagine, this gets expensive. But we’re committed to keeping it up, since it has such a profound impact – we know the supplements are working.

We’ve also learned that we have to be really choosy about where we get them, because he doesn’t tolerate a lot of the preservatives and chemical additives which get put into pharmaceutical supplementation. Eventually we settled on a couple of brands which use raw plant-based ingredients and gentle processes to extract the goodness without the use of other stuff that Seth’s body would find hard to eliminate.

Some time ago we found a new retailer who will ship these essentials to us, directly from the USA to Australia, with reasonable shipping cost (now free for orders over $40). They also offer quantity discounts, which we take advantage of as well.

So how can you help? Well, many large retailers spend thousands, even millions of dollars in advertising. Instead of paying all that money in direct advertising, iHerb depends a lot on word of mouth–people recommending other people to buy from them. Then they reward those people for doing so by giving them credits toward future purchases.

Here’s the deal: if you need anything sold on, take advantage of their great prices, free shipping and excellent customer service. While you’re at it, use our referral links and this will help us out in getting our routine shipments for Seth. If you’re new to iHerb, you’ll get up to $10 off on your first order.

And, take it a step further – share this page with your friends and ask them to help us out too.

We are not asking anybody to buy things that are expensive or that they don’t need. But we think you’ll agree that iHerb is a great source for all things health and beauty. And they ship worldwide!

If you are already a customer of iHerb, but you buy any particular product through our referral links, we’ll still get credit as well. If you’re in this situation and you’re really keen to help, let us know and we can give you a referral link for any product you like.

Below are a few suggestions of things we’ve found helpful. Thank you for your support. 🙂

  1. Vitamin B12 – methylcobalamin
    • Best form – methyl B-12. This one needs no further conversion by the body, unlike others such as cyanocobalamin or hydroxycobalamin.
    • Take the capsule as is or empty the contents and hold it under your tongue for absorption.
  2. Zinc
  3. Vitamin B Complex
    • Good all-round B vitamin complex
    • In a probiotic-culture base
  4. Soaps and Shampoos by Aubrey Organics
    • Great natural soaps and shampoos with no nasties.
  5. Vitamin D
    • If you live where the winters are dreary you might want to supplement your Vitamin D.
  6. Probiotic – Garden of Life Primal Defense


Help us pay for Seth’s supplements

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