Today marks 15 years that we’ve been on the web in some form.

The “Site Info” page on my web site on AOL Members’ Pages said this, among other things:

Begun in 1996 as an experiment in HTML, this site started out as just a personal code hack page. That was back when the Web was young, and there were only 4 million or so people on AOL.

That was written sometime back in 2000. I had created my site on June the 10th, 1996, and updated it from time to time, as anyone can freely see via the link above.

By 2002 I didn’t use AOL as my service provider so we allowed that page to phase out and moved to the free service, Geocities. Then eventually they shut down too and we got the hint and started paying for our own web site.

More importantly, we have used skills learned doing private web sites to work on other web projects that have made an impact for good. Some projects include:

So anyway, I’ve been online, using the web and email for over 15 years now, and today marks the 15th anniversary of the creation of my first website. I think that’s cool. And now my web site is not just mine, it’s ours.

15 Years on the Web

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